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AJP CEDES works for the emergence of organized and committed citizens in the areas of public affairs, economic self-promotion and partnership through sustainable synergies.

A triple conviction underlies this vision:

  1. Citizenship promotes individual responsibility, social cohesion, an integration of human values and socio-political principles.
  2. The dialogue on the development of local resources, public policies and partnership rules allows the emergence of citizens at the forefront of the fight against poverty, social inequalities and hunger
  3. Self-help necessarily involves the development of alternatives for social peace, wealth production and participatory governance involving the State, municipalities, economic enterprises and residents’ organizations.
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Contribute to the promotion of a dynamic of social transformation and collective actions that improve citizens’ empowerment capacities, the performance of socio-economic changes induced by Civil Society, Elected Officials, the State and Private Enterprises.

Projects & Activities

We carry out projects to consolidate peace and strengthen civil society.

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Our team conducts regular research

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The administrative staff consists of five people (two women). The programme/project staff consists of seven people (two women).

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